Top 5 Casino Losses

Top 5 Casino Losses  Motivated To Gamble Regardless Of The Risk? Here’s Why You Need To Take Care Of These Top 5 Casino Losses!

People losing out in a casino is not something uncommon, it happens quite frequently and every day. But some casino losses truly blow our minds with how big they were and what they brought people to. Several people have become bankrupt, unable to provide for their families, and failed to pay their loans, all because of gambling.

This majorly happens because people fail to recognize their limits and keep on gambling regardless of what happens. It is difficult to recognize boundaries and people end up making the casino owners rich. With these past mistakes, realize what can go wrong and how can you stop it. Here are the Top 5 Biggest Casino Losses ever.

Top 5 Casino Losses From The Past

Harry Kakavas, $1.5 Billion:

Losing even a 100 dollar bill makes us sad at times, and this man straightaway lost a whopping 1.5 dollars in 14 months. He played mainly sat during high-stake baccarat games, whilst also managing to play others. In the year 2005, Harry used to play at casinos without realizing where he needed to stop, making big stakes always.

Later, he sued the casino as well, since he believed that the casino took advantage of his ‘compulsive gambling problem’, but he lost.

Maureen O’ Connor, $1 Billion:

There are very few gamblers in the world who are women, and even if there are, it is hard to spot them. But Maureen is an exception as she was a Mayor back in 1985. Nearly no one knew about her gambling addiction, and when it came out it was a shock. She was charged with numerous frauds, and later in 2013, it was revealed that she lost $1 billion to casinos.

That is just a counted number, several other reports also reveal that she lost more than it, as she went to numerous casinos in the country.

Terry Watanabe, $205 Million:

Terry was quite well-known as a gambler and was always on the high-roll. He played in America and lost a total of $205 million in a year. His every stake during Blackjack was as high as $50,000, which led him to lose an average of $5 million in a day. Still, he never stopped and continued to gamble, due to which he lost such a big amount.

Archie Karas, $40 Million:

Archie is even known for his wins, and he was one such casino player who made history in the year 1992. He used to make raise stakes at $50,000 and win $40 million in the same day. But as he won, so he lost as well. The man was quite confident, and at times a bit overconfident as well.

In three weeks, he lost his entire cash reward to Baccarat and Craps due to his issue of raising huge stakes and losing every time.

Charles Burkley, $14 Million:

A former NBA Star Player, Charles lost his entire wealth to gambling. In a first, he revealed that he lost $10 million, and then $2.5 million in a Blackjack game. Some other sources even revealed that he lost over $60,000 and even more to gambling. This way, he lost a lot to gambling and even failed to manage his bankrolls.

In Conclusion

Casinos are surely fun. But only if you know how to draw a line to the excess. Gambling can either make you or break you, it depends on how you figure it out. It is a personal decision, and quite a luxurious opportunity, but everything comes with its pros and cons. Only if you’re smart you can figure out how can you build up a fortune. The glitz and glam turn into an ambition before you know.

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