Sleepy Grandpa Slot by Backseat Gaming

Sleepy Grandpa Slot by Backseat Gaming  Introduction

Who doesn’t love a good nap, especially when nothing is pressing on the agenda? Sleepy Grandpa, a slot game by Backseat Gaming, celebrates the simple joys of a good snooze while offering players a chance to dig up some serious coin. Set on a picturesque farm, this game promises more than just pastoral tranquillity. Let’s dig into the details.

Gameplay and Symbols

Sleepy Grandpa offers a 5×4 grid with 26 paylines. The symbols range from low-paying card ranks (10 to A) to high-paying farm animals like chickens, sheep, pigs, and cows. The game does not feature wild symbols but compensates with other special symbols to keep the excitement going.

Special Features

Dig Feature

When a Farmer symbol and a Dirt symbol appear simultaneously, the Farmer digs up the Dirt to reveal a Coin symbol. These coins can range from 1x to 1,000x your bet and are added to the Farmer symbol. Multiple Farmer symbols can appear and dig up multiple Dirt symbols.

Tractor Feature

If a Farmer symbol appears without a Dirt symbol, the Tractor feature may activate. The Tractor clears the field and leaves behind 1 to 10 Dirt symbols, triggering the Dig feature.

Bonus Game

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols triggers the bonus game, awarding up to 15 free spins. The bonus game features a Global Multiplier that can go up to x10 and applies to all wins, including the coins dug up. The Golden Farmer symbol, which is sticky, can also appear to enhance your wins.

Final Thoughts

Sleepy Grandpa is a charming slot game that combines the allure of a peaceful farm setting with the excitement of coin digging and multipliers. The game’s medium volatility and decent RTP of 96.23% make it a balanced choice for different types of players. The max win of 10,000x your bet is certainly an eye-catcher, promising big dreams for those who dare to spin.

Derby Dollars Video Slot by RTG

Derby Dollars Video Slot by RTG  Real Time Gaming’s Derby Dollars is an online slot game that puts players in the thrilling world of horse racing. With twenty paylines and five reels, players can place bets ranging from $0.01 to $5, with a top win of 3333x the stake. The game features both wilds and scatter symbols, as well as a wild multiplier and a random progressive jackpot.

During gameplay, players will be transported to the exciting world of horse racing, with immersive equestrian-themed symbols that include a horse as the wild symbol. The gold coin scatter symbol can award cash prizes when two or more appear on the screen, and landing 2 to 5 scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins round. Scatter wins are multiplied by the player’s total bet.

Derby Dollars Bonus Feature

When players trigger the Derby Dollar round with gold coins, they receive some free spins, with 5, 10, 15, or 25 free spins awarded for landing 2, 3, 4, or 5 gold coins, respectively. During this round, all prizes are tripled. Additionally, players can win more free spins when more gold coins appear on the reels.

One of the game’s highlights is the Wild Horse, which can award players with generous prizes as a substitute for other symbols. With binoculars, players can watch the Wild Horse take down symbols, revealing even more prize opportunities. And for an instant win, players can earn a maximum of 3333 coins.


In conclusion, Derby Dollars is an exciting and immersive online slot game that offers players the chance to experience the thrill of horse racing. With its combination of wilds, scatters, free spins, and a random progressive jackpot, this game is sure to entertain players of all levels. And with the ability to play on desktop or mobile devices, the fun is always just a spin away.

Looking Forward To Playing Roulette? Use These 5 Tricks Will Help You Master The Game!

Looking Forward To Playing Roulette? Use These 5 Tricks Will Help You Master The Game!  Roulette is often considered as a ‘game of chance’, and there is nothing much you can do alter outcomes. At it’s heart that’s true, but there are certainly approaches you can take to improve your chances of success, or at least limit a full on ‘blow out’ loss. It’s a game in which the basic nature doesn’t change, but there are certainly ways (amount staked per spin etc) to reduce the likelihood of worst case scenarios.

Are you someone who enjoys playing roulette? Great, then these are 5 tricks that will help you advance your game.

Top 5 Tricks To Master Roulette

  1. Be Strict With Your Bankroll:

Casinos are like waterfalls, except rather than the water, it’s the money that’s constantly flowing. Losr focus and you won’t even know where your money went, and within a small time span you’re in trouble. Holding and managing the money is an art, slowly keep putting your money in every round so that you don’t bear big losses. Steady as you go, no big reactions to wins or losses.

  1. Find The One With Lower House Edges:

To win, you must invest in a game that has higher odds to win. Several roulette games have an edge as high as 6 percent, which won’t help your chances, Other roulette wheels have a much lower house edge so should be your go to.

  1. Play At A Reputable Casino:

Do your research for a casino and play Roulette where you know there cannot be a chance of unfair means of play. Wheels need a degree of maintenance to enjoy that each spin is fair and random. Of course, an error in this department could also benefit the player if certain numbers come up more etc. As such it’s in the interests of the venue to ensure that the roulette wheel is maintained.

  1. Consider Strategies:

Be it if you’re new or on a low bankroll, whilst still having the desire to play a round of roulette, then play consider adopting a strategy. You may be able to find several strategies online, some simpler (martingale) and some complex, either making you raise bets or cut them when you lose. It depends on you what you choose, therefore go for the approach that fits for personality and risk profile

  1. Go Slow & Patient:

As much as you might be losing your concentration, patience, and controlling your anger, do not lose your calm. Doing so will inevitably result in you raising your bets higher, losing more, and not be able to focus or enjoy playing.

In Conclusion

All these tips and techniques will take you to one path, a good roulette game. You can seize the day if you just keep following these, and who knows you’d even win big if your luck is in! This game of pure luck can make you rise and fall at the same time. It is the way you play that defines the smartness that can sway an outcome one way or the other.

Retire in Style!

Retire in Style!  Nowadays, the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort, near Chester, West Virginia, boasts about a thousand of the latest slot machines among other attractions. However, back in June, 2006, Beverly Whitten, who had retired less than a week earlier, after 38 years in the teaching profession, was interested in just one, by the name of ‘Golden Chambers’. Ms. Whitten was, no doubt, looking forward to a financially secure retirement in any case, but after two hours’ play on the aforementioned slot machine, she headed home to Ohio no less than $3,718,311 better off, having hit the jackpot.

At the current exchange rate, her windfall was worth the equivalent of £3.14 million and, taking inflation in the last decade and a half into account, $5.46 million, or the equivalent of £4.61 million, by modern standards. In any event, Ms. Whitten reportedly did not take her winnings as a lump sum but, by arrangement with the casino, in installments of $1,945, or approximately £1,614, a month. Of course, teachers are not lavishly paid, but how the lucky Ohioan and/or the casino arrived at such a trifling sum was not revealed.

That is not to say that $1,945 a month, or $23,340 a year, is a trifling sum by definition but, notwithstanding her teacher’s pension, at that rate Ms. Whitten would have taken 159 years to burn through her winnings. Granted that life expectancy for a 60-year-old Caucasian women in the United States was 24.9 years, it could be argued that she erred on the side of frugality.

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