HELL’S KITCHEN BY NETENT  Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is a slot game from NetEnt that takes all the fun and drama from the famous British chef’s Kitchen by adding some spice to the reels. It’s a branded five-reel video slot with 20 paylines and an RTP of 96.07%. Get ready to feel the heat with the sharp-tongued celebrity chef who is also the games Scatter. The Kitchen is jam-packed with unique dishes, including Random Wild symbols, Free Spins and Gordons Bonus Game.

Hell’s Kitchen Symbols

The high-value symbols comprise perfectly cooked roasts, juicy burgers and delectable desserts. Low pays are the card suits with a Hell’s Kitchen makeover, and the Wild is the games logo complete with the golden pitchfork. Of course, the intimidating Ramsay is the Scatter, and even in 2D, he has a hair raising presence.

Hell’s Kitchen Slot Bonus Features

Free Spins Feature

Land three or more Scatters to activate the Free Spins round. When this feature starts, players need to select the red or blue team. Once they have chosen their team, they get taken to dual game reels to compete against one another in a cook-off. The team with the most banked wins is the victor. Three platters will serve up Multipliers and Random Wilds for even juicier and tastier wins during this round.

Random Wilds

True to form, players will see pots and pans randomly thrown at the base game’s reels. When this occurs, instant Wilds are created and stand-in for other symbols on a payline, excluding the scatter.

Gordons Bonus Game

If you select the winning team during the Free Spins feature, you get taken to Gordons unique Bonus Game as your reward. Here players pick from 15 different menus, which reveal cash prizes and Multipliers or instead, 12 of them do. The other three hide an x symbol, and should you pick all three with the x on the Bonus game ends, and who knows, the head chef could land up giving you a mouthful.

The Labouchere System

The Labouchere System  Popular among gamblers, Labouchere is a negative progression betting system commonly used in roulette even money propositions. Casinos also use it in baccarat and blackjack. Unlike the simple progression systems, Labouchere is more complex system based on an equal probability of two events, whereby a player increases stakes after a loss.

The theory behind is to be able to recover big losses with a small number of wins. Developed by Henry Labouchere, it has also received other names as the Cancellation system, the Split Martingale or the American Progression. However, unlike the Martingale that aims to recover losses with a single win, Labouchere does so with multiple wins. A player has to set a winning goal and has a chance to reach his goal if he wins almost half of the bets placed.

The concept

The player first bets on a number of units, allocate a value to the units and decides how many of those he can risk. A sequence of numbers is written down, which predicts the total potential profit. For each bet, the stake equals the sum of the first and last number. Therefore, if your sequence was 4-5-6; the stake equals $10(4+6). When you win, you cross off numbers 4 and 6 from the sequence. A lost wager means you add the losing number to the sequence. For each following wager, the stake is always the combined amount of the last and first number. If only one number remains, then that is the amount of the stake. Winning that wager ends the cycle and the original sequence is re-invoked.

Pros and cons of the system

Labouchere does not require constant wins to meet the set winning goal. With the system, you are confident of at least winning a third of the times in the long run.

Labouchere is an interactive and interesting system that can be very addictive especially if you are not good at losing. A losing streak means the sequence gets longer and you keep making larger bets

Cool Wolf Slot by Microgaming

Cool Wolf Slot by Microgaming  Cool Wolf from Microgaming has a theme based on the movie Teen Wolf who has evolved himself from a bit of a nerd into a “supercool” dude. The game is well supported with Wilds and Scatters and provides up to 243 ways to win. The games logo represents the Wilds, and you could find up to 40 throughout the reels stacked on the right-hand side of the screen.

Free Spins Feature

There are some excellent payouts on the Scatters, which are designated by cinema tickets. Get at least three scatters anywhere on the screen, and you will receive 15 free spins.

Four scatters will give you 20 free spins, and five scatters will provide you with a whopping 25 free spins! Should you be fortunate enough to spin five scatters, then you will be awarded 5000 coins.

Rolling Reels Feature

There is also a rolling reels feature that applies when you are playing the main game. This feature removes lines that have already won and drops down new combinations. Wins included in the rolling reels can award up to a 15x multiplier.

Betting Spread

The betting spread will suit all players – it starts from 0.01 to 10.00, and there is a maximum of 10 coins per line, so there is potential for some heavy wagers.

Cool Wolf Slot Conclusion

As expected from a Microgaming release, the graphics are excellent and depict such items as pretty girls, a drive-in movie scene and a glitzy auto. But let us not forget Cool Wolf – the main man. The poker suite cards are of course included. The music is completely aligned to the theme and can blow your head off with the volume.

Players will find Cool Wolf Slot familiar bur still enjoyable with good potential for some generous rewards.

Love Travelling and Gambling At The Same Time? Here Are The Top 5 Cities You’d Love For Its Casinos!

Love Travelling and Gambling At The Same Time? Here Are The Top 5 Cities You’d Love For Its Casinos!  The United States of America is very huge in itself, and the citizens love to travel, explore new states. But, gambling is also something that people love to indulge in whilst they are exploring a city. There are several casinos present, but some cities are particularly known for just their gambling.

With top-notch locations and a vibe dedicated only towards gambling, these make your experience worthwhile. Are you also figuring out where you can exactly go to make your time memorable? Here’s a list of the Top 5 Cities known for casinos.

Top 5 Cities Known For Casinos

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

As much as this place doesn’t require any explanation, Vegas is your way to go for all the casino fun. It is the city where people enter with a few dollars and leave with thousands, and sometimes the opposite happens! The casinos are the biggest in the world and there is no such thing called as a ‘day off’ or ‘off night’ in this city.

With top locations such as Bellagio, The Wynn, Caesars Palace, and a lot more well-known names, you find a gambling haven. Also, apart from this, the tourist attractions are quite famous and attractive to roam around. There are also hotels with a family environment and separate casinos, giving you an all-in-one experience as well.

  1. Atlantic City, New Jersey

After Vegas, the city you’d love is Atlantic City, since it has a mix of different vibes. You get to experience the party atmosphere, the gambling experience, and even the shoreside vibe. Atlantic City offers a variety of casinos to its guests and is also counted in the Top 3 gambling cities of the United States.

Also, it is the most convenient location for gamblers to host a premier league tournament, only because it is very much accessible and quiet. Also, you find some great delicacies over here, so if you’re a foodie gambler, this is the way for you to go!

  1. Reno, Nevada:

Present in the same state as the legendary gambling spot, the advantage of visiting Reno is its comfortable vibes. Out of the city atmosphere, Reno offers a low-key small-town experience with amazing casinos. Also, the nightlife over here is excellent, so if after a bit of gambling you wish to have some fun, then there are plenty of options.

It also offers a worthwhile gaming experience since it holds different machines, tables, separate poker rooms, and fancy accommodation with it. The casinos are not usually ‘jam-packed’, giving you the time to play and enjoy the atmosphere of gambling both at the very same time.

  1. Chicago, Illinois:

Although with just 10 casinos on board, the city never fails to amaze you with its gambling. Chicago is known for its party atmosphere, but sadly all casinos offer from the dry areas. But, with casinos as tall as six floors, you know you’ve landed on the right spot. Several casinos hold over 1,500 slot machines and 400 tables, how big is even that!

Also, if you’re someone who likes gambling with a low rush and an elite experience, then Chicago offers that experience to you quite well. Chicago is a very friendly city with quite a great time, and also offers some tourist attractions for its visitors to come to.

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Although you might have heard less about this city, it is the new option opened for people ever since it legalized gambling. The city operates several 11 casinos, but all of them manage to provide a quiet and comfortable playing experience. Recently, authorities have also started organizing leagues inviting top gamblers, and it’s also quite successful in achieving the latter.

These casinos can generate a good amount of visitors and have a cumulative of 20,000+ slots, tables, rooms, and other playing options. It leaves the players with a variety of options they can’t miss to take their hands off from.

In Conclusion

If you want to go to a city with your friends and your family to enjoy a good time whilst gambling, then these cities will be the best for you. As poker has risen with time and people’s interest in small games is also on an all-time high. Give a chance to these places, you would love visiting them!

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