The Top 5 Casino Scams

The Top 5 Casino Scams Do You Love Going To Casinos And Gamble? Here Are The Top 5 Scams You Need To Stay Aware Of While Placing Your Money!

Casinos are everyone’s favorite places to go and gamble but during this pandemic, it hasn’t been possible to visit. Hence, everyone has now started to shift towards online casinos. But, as fun, as it seems, there are still potential risks whilst one gambles online. These issues can be thefts, data breaches, fraudulent activities, or something even worse could take place.

These issues are pretty common once you sign up on a platform for online gambling. The earlier you notice them, the better it is for you since you can stop it from happening. Here are the Top 5 Casino Scams you need to stay aware of.

The Biggest Possible Casino Scams

Deposit Theft:

This is no basic thing and happens with several people as soon as they deposit funds in their new casino account. These online casinos show an amazing picture of themselves, and then take advantage of the trust. There have even been cases when there has been no casino, but still, their website has managed to fool the people.

Nearly every time this happens, people give up and let their money go in vain. These fake platforms make withdrawing the money impossible after a user has deposited it in the account. Hence, if you’re willing to register on any such platform, please check their authenticity on the internet, read some reviews, and then go ahead.

Introducing Games That Are ‘Too Good To Be Real’:

Have you seen those slot game adverts whilst you’re on a website that shows ‘Here’s a chance to earn huge amounts? Well, these are the games that are made to cheat people. Several casino sites have such games that look extremely attractive to the players but are actually on the other side.

With such attractions, people tend to play these games till their entire deposit is exhausted. It takes no effort from the casino hosts, but it takes a lot of money from the players. Everyone must stay away from such games as these are ‘Too Fancy’ to be authentic.

Data Theft & Ransomware:

There are data theft scams taking place via just casino sites and are as big as hundreds of billions. As soon as you enter your information, your mails, your mobile numbers, and your bank details, they tend to steal. The first thing that gets stolen easily is the payment mode details. You wouldn’t even know when it went and where was your money debited.

It takes a lot of time to earn all that money, please don’t let your details go-ahead to anyone who may take advantage of it. Verify where you’re registering yourself, are they authentic enough to trust or not, and are you in safe hands? Even your email addresses and mobile numbers can be advantageous for them, be careful.

Not Paying Big Earnings:

Let’s face it, how do you think casinos are going to pay you 20 grand if you win the game? At times these online casinos mainly lack one thing, and those are the funds. They do not have the funds to pay you after the legitimate winnings. At first, they try attracting you by paying you for your small wins so you trust them.

After these wins, once you aim for the bigger games, they ask you for bigger deposits to play. If you lose, your loss, and if you win, even then there is a loss. In reality, they do not even have the money to pay, hence your deposit is wasted. Only play with genuine casinos that are regulated under the Wire Act.

‘Attaining A Bonus’ Scam:

This is one of the biggest scams of all time and people get attracted to it. Although this is not illegal since several authentic sites also do it, but it is still not fair either. At times once you’ve registered on a platform, you are asked to deposit a bigger amount in exchange for a bonus. If the minimum deposit is $100, they’d ask you to deposit it twice if you want a bonus.

Realising that they’d attain a good bonus on the investment, people tend to invest that much. But in reality, utilizing that bonus gets way tougher. Majorly people lose games and have a loss, and also, they can recover only 10-20% via the bonus, making no sense at all.

In Conclusion

All these scams are freaky since a lot is put at stake, hence, if you’re seriously considering gambling online, keep these in mind. Scams like data theft, deposit theft, and more seem very common, so it’s better to keep yourself safe than have issues ahead. Only play on regulated casino sites, keep deposits minimum during the beginning, and only pay if you think it’s safe.


Such mechanisms and tactics might be tough to figure out at first, and for that, staying alert is the only option that can help you out. Just 5 measures to take care of, and you can have such fun without any regrets at all!

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