Top 5 Casino Party Venues

Top 5 Casino Party Venues Would You Like To Host A Party But Wish To Include Gambling? Here Are The Top 5 Casino Party Venues You Could Enjoy At!

Who doesn’t love hosting parties at a casino venue? There is nothing better than an event being held at a casino since the amount of fun is immeasurable. As enjoying it seems, it isn’t easy to find locations where you can find both. There are only some casinos that offer a banquet in the same space where the gambling area is present.

But this opportunity is worth seizing, it’s leisure, luxury, and entertainment coming altogether. The guests would love the ambiance and the setup, you would love enjoying to host such a party. If you’re looking for one such location, you would be able to find it here in our list of Top 5 Casino Party Venues in The United States.

Top 5 Casino Party Venues

Wynn, Las Vegas:

Surely when it comes to casinos, the first city that comes to your mind is VEGAS! The Wynn provides a fancy banquet that you can book for all sorts of your events. With one of the best casinos in the country and a fancy area to party at, the guests would love to be a part of your event. They get to witness live gambling whilst they sip a few drinks and have their meal. Also, they have all the services essential for a party, including the valet services.

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas:

Another Vegas Classic, The Venetian is known for its fancy Italian interiors and hosting capabilities. Booking a hall over here would be the liveliest decision you’d make. This is because their casinos are quite a talk of the town, and their ambiance would be perfect for your elegant events. A birthday or an anniversary event would elevate at levels just by the sight of the casino, also, your guests can even go and play!

Hyatt Residence Club, Lake Tahoe:

A resort located in the quiets, your experience here would be secluded, private, and fun at the same time. You may also be able to book the casino space over here and host your party. The calmness of this place will give you the adequate space you require with your friends and family. Also, if there are any children, they would be able to enjoy activities just for them. So, if you’re looking for such a hotel, then this might be the best choice for you.

Skylofts At MGM Grand, Las Vegas:

This place is accredited with 5 stars by the legendary magazine Forbes, and let’s be honest, their service is amazing. The casino in this block of the hotel is quite separated from the others, and in this two-story accommodation, you and your guests can enjoy it. If you’re looking for a fancy casino party, then this would be the ideal choice since you get a low crowded location. The banquet will maintain your party and the casino will also be accessible.

Harrah’s Resort, Southern California:

A resort that is spread in a huge area, this place can guarantee you one of the best party experiences. They cater to only 21+ age members but still have a family atmosphere, keeping your parties decent and fun at the same time. You can book a party hall here and the casino will be up for access too. The benefit of hosting a party at such a place is that you’re not the only one responsible for entertainment, the casino takes care of it.

In Conclusion

There might be several places you would think of hosting your party, but trust us, there is nothing better than a casino venue. Your guests can gamble anytime they want to, and your celebration won’t be too far from the casino as well. Such venues come with their set of bonuses, and if you’re looking for a perfect casino party venue, then these might be the best for you!

Top 5 Casino Losses

Top 5 Casino Losses Motivated To Gamble Regardless Of The Risk? Here’s Why You Need To Take Care Of These Top 5 Casino Losses!

People losing out in a casino is not something uncommon, it happens quite frequently and every day. But some casino losses truly blow our minds with how big they were and what they brought people to. Several people have become bankrupt, unable to provide for their families, and failed to pay their loans, all because of gambling.

This majorly happens because people fail to recognize their limits and keep on gambling regardless of what happens. It is difficult to recognize boundaries and people end up making the casino owners rich. With these past mistakes, realize what can go wrong and how can you stop it. Here are the Top 5 Biggest Casino Losses ever.

Top 5 Casino Losses From The Past

Harry Kakavas, $1.5 Billion:

Losing even a 100 dollar bill makes us sad at times, and this man straightaway lost a whopping 1.5 dollars in 14 months. He played mainly sat during high-stake baccarat games, whilst also managing to play others. In the year 2005, Harry used to play at casinos without realizing where he needed to stop, making big stakes always.

Later, he sued the casino as well, since he believed that the casino took advantage of his ‘compulsive gambling problem’, but he lost.

Maureen O’ Connor, $1 Billion:

There are very few gamblers in the world who are women, and even if there are, it is hard to spot them. But Maureen is an exception as she was a Mayor back in 1985. Nearly no one knew about her gambling addiction, and when it came out it was a shock. She was charged with numerous frauds, and later in 2013, it was revealed that she lost $1 billion to casinos.

That is just a counted number, several other reports also reveal that she lost more than it, as she went to numerous casinos in the country.

Terry Watanabe, $205 Million:

Terry was quite well-known as a gambler and was always on the high-roll. He played in America and lost a total of $205 million in a year. His every stake during Blackjack was as high as $50,000, which led him to lose an average of $5 million in a day. Still, he never stopped and continued to gamble, due to which he lost such a big amount.

Archie Karas, $40 Million:

Archie is even known for his wins, and he was one such casino player who made history in the year 1992. He used to make raise stakes at $50,000 and win $40 million in the same day. But as he won, so he lost as well. The man was quite confident, and at times a bit overconfident as well.

In three weeks, he lost his entire cash reward to Baccarat and Craps due to his issue of raising huge stakes and losing every time.

Charles Burkley, $14 Million:

A former NBA Star Player, Charles lost his entire wealth to gambling. In a first, he revealed that he lost $10 million, and then $2.5 million in a Blackjack game. Some other sources even revealed that he lost over $60,000 and even more to gambling. This way, he lost a lot to gambling and even failed to manage his bankrolls.

In Conclusion

Casinos are surely fun. But only if you know how to draw a line to the excess. Gambling can either make you or break you, it depends on how you figure it out. It is a personal decision, and quite a luxurious opportunity, but everything comes with its pros and cons. Only if you’re smart you can figure out how can you build up a fortune. The glitz and glam turn into an ambition before you know.

Top 5 Casino Games

Top 5 Casino Games A Newbie In A Casino And Not Knowing What To Play? These Top 5 Casino Games Are The Audience Favorite!

A casino seems fascinating to every one of us, and surely we enjoy going there. But, what if we don’t know how to play, and most importantly, what to play? Being a newbie at a casino is nothing uncommon, several people enter cluelessly. There are a hundred slots and tables, so figuring out what to go for is tough. Well, why not go for the audience favorite?

There are some special games that nearly every person at a casino loves to play. You’ll see tables specifically filled with audiences, all of them cheering and enjoying, during a game. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Casino Games that audience enjoys.

Top 5 Most Popular Casino Games


This one is the audience’s most favorite game to play, and there are tables filled with people when playing Blackjack. The best part about it is that it isn’t completely reliant on luck, but what matters is the player’s decision. You compete with the dealers and other members that create a circle of the number 21.

Blackjack is also very easy to learn, and once you get a hang of it in 1-2 trials you’re good to go ahead. The game is full of thrill and hence this is why people love to play it.


Another from the audience’s choice, Roulette has a handful of variations available. This is the one where the wheel is spun and people are looking at it in absolute excitement. Another reason why people love roulette is the ambiance that is created whilst standing in front of the wheel.

Also, Roulette is the easiest game to play whilst you’re in a casino since more than practicality, it depends on sheer luck.

Three Card Poker:

This game’s entire outcome depends on how you play it and what you put ahead. It is although the most popular in the UK, but people in the United States love it as well. The game had its share of rising when people had started to love it due to the thrill it has. In this, you only play with the dealer, there is no third party involved whatsoever.

It is a great option for first-timers, and as you keep on playing it, results have shown that people love going to the casino only for this.

Baccarat (Punto Banco):

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is one of the simpler games to grasp, and one of the most loved games since it began in Cuba. You can either bet on the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand, a tie, and can also bet on all three of it. It is regarded as one of the highest stakes and is often played in a different room from the rest of the casino.

It might require a bit of mind, but it is still a great game to go for. Also, if you’re going in one of those Baccarat rooms, the atmosphere is quite different from the other games in the casino.


Craps is the least popular of all, but still a quite fun game. Originated in the United States and now more popular in Europe, Craps is a unique dice game. In this, players can roll their dice themselves, by determining who is going to win and who is going to lose with the two stages. Bets are made once the dice are thrown.

Different types of bets can be placed and it consists of a Stickman, Boxman, and two other dealers. The craps have a possible advantage of 2 to 17 percent.

In Conclusion

Absolutely no other kind of game is as fun as the ones in a casino, only if you know how to play it well. There are other games as well, hundreds of them, but these 5 are the ones that outstanding. These table games are evergreen and nothing can come and replace them. Hence, if you’re someone who has no idea how games work, learn them and have a great time at the casino

Going To The Casino For The First Time? Look For These 5 Things Before Going Over There.

Going To The Casino For The First Time? Look For These 5 Things Before Going Over There. As a newbie, the things we have seen in movies always fascinates us. The glitz, the glam, everything about a casino makes us feel how fun would it be. But just as it seems, not every casino is the same, and usually not even what we have seen. There are only some casinos in the world that can maintain their standards.

You might not even know what to look for before going to a casino, here are the 5 things to look for in a casino.

5 Things To Look For In A Casino

  1. Know Their Age Limit:

Not every casino permits people of a younger age, so please check their age limit before you go. Some allow people of 18 years and above, whereas majorly every casino permits people of 21 years. Search it out on google which casinos will permit you based on your age, and carry your ID card with you as you go.

  1. Look For Games You’d Want To Play:

Just as the name suggests, the gambling haven might include every game. Every casino has Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, etc., but looking once will give an idea. There might be hundreds of slot games and floors filled with machines, but will they have one of your choices? It is always better to look for the games you’d want to play before you go.

  1. Find Out About Their Ambiance:

Google about the casino, read reviews, their ratings, everything. Since you’d be going for the first time, you might be confused about how it’s going to end up. These reviews will help you identify the standards of the casino, the kind of crowd you’d expect to find, and every such little thing.

  1. Check If They Provide Complimentary Drinks:

Most casinos include a bar, and at times they even provide complimentary drinks. But at times with the conception that they’d get complimentary drinks, people end up paying for their drinks. Check out before going whether the drinks are complimentary or not.

  1. Check the minimum buy-in:

If you’re going for the first time, you wouldn’t be particularly interested in playing that much, but rather witnessing. Check out the minimum buy-in, because if you’d wish to play a little, why would you purchase chips that wouldn’t be useful? Many casinos have a high buy-in, so only go at those when you’re interested in playing quite much.

In Conclusion

Apart from the Vegas Glamour, finding casinos that are at par throughout the states is a bit of a task. If you’re a tourist and exploring a new city, desiring to go to a casino, then search for one keeping the things above in mind. This way, you’d find the casino of your choice and would have a lovely time there!

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