Trying To Gamble But COVID Is Stopping You? These Top 5 Online Casinos Present In The US Will Help You Enjoy Some Gambling Time!

Trying To Gamble But COVID Is Stopping You? These Top 5 Online Casinos Present In The US Will Help You Enjoy Some Gambling Time! The coronavirus has brought many lives to a pause, with leisure activities being shut at first. Some people miss the clubs, the bars, the restaurants, beaches, whilst some miss the casinos. These are several people’s favorite spots to spend a great time and play fun games. With specific blackjack tables, poker tables, and hundreds of slots now shut, there is a lesser hope to enjoy casinos during this time.

But, that’s when the online casinos jump in. These are on an all-time rise and since people can gamble online and pass their time on them. Whilst there are hundreds of such casinos present, not all of them are authentic. Winning might be a thing, but you’d never get the money, and at times even your deposit would be wasted.

Hence, we bring you a list of the Top 5 Online Casinos that are legal to gamble at in the United States.

Top 5 Online Casinos In The United States

  1. Betway:

Betway was earlier only dedicated to sports betting and was quite well-known for the same. The online casino is authorized by the United Kingdom Gambling Association, making it a completely safe platform to bet at. There are over 400 games and bonuses present, and if you win something, the payout days are maximum of 1 or 2.

With more than 5 baccarat versions, 15 roulette games, and 30 blackjack options, slots like the Vegas slots, and Starburst are present over here. Some games would still be missing such as Red Tiger and Playtech, but that doesn’t matter much because there are several options. The gaming platform accepts international players and is quite well known for the big bonuses.

But, the only disadvantage is that there are 50x wagering requirements, so you cannot withdraw the winnings quite soon. The welcome bonus is also quite affordable, which makes it better!

  1. Royal Panda:

Fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Royal Panda provides a safe gaming experience to all players. The gaming and gambling platform was established in 2014 and till now has over 2000 options coming from over 80 studios. The payout usually takes 1-5 days, and the average payout percentage is approximately 96%. There isn’t one payment option that isn’t present on this platform, so you have all sorts of withdrawal and deposit methods available.

There are loads of live dealer games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Three Card Poker, and Casino Hold’em. Also, they have over 1,700 slot games, spoiling the players with so many options. The withdrawal requirement is low and they provide amazing bonuses once you play.

  1. Spin Casino:

They are known to offer what exactly people look for in online casinos. It has a safe and secure environment and is regulated by several authorities across the globe. You get to play via mobile, tablets, PCs, laptops, anything. The average withdrawal period is 1-2 days at max. Also, there are several payment methods present, but they recommend using cards.

They put hyper-realistic gaming in place so that you have an experience of blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other games at your fingertips. There are also others such as roulette, craps, and many more table games present on the platform. Slot games also include the classic ones, the new video slots, and other interesting games that help you pass your time with small wins.

  1. 22Bet:

When you’re looking towards gambling but are more interested in slots rather than tables, then 22Bet would be the ideal platform for you. With over a thousand slot games, you can enjoy your time and even win some great money. For casino games, they offer blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat.

A reason why you’d love this platform is its easy banking methods. But the only issue would be that the payout might take from 1-6 days. They also are quite supportive mobile-wise so you can gamble on the go. International players can also join them, and their winning rate is an average of 97%.

  1. LeoVegas:

The Malta Authority takes care of this platform’s safety and security, and it is present on the internet since 2012. An advantage of this platform is that you also get Keno to play, which is something not many gaming sites provide. You also get slots, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, and scratchcards. Also, there is a live dealer who’s going to make you play.

The payouts take approximately 1-5 days, and the average win rate is 98%. Although the gambling site is great, it doesn’t provide a quite smooth experience. The interface is not as sleek as expected for professionals. But, if you play for passing some time, then this is for you.

In Conclusion

Online casinos are definitely fun and enjoyable, and these sites present above will provide a great gambling experience. You can gamble from anywhere you want to and have a realistic gaming atmosphere. If you’re someone who loves gambling but cannot go to casinos during covid, then online casinos are the way to go!


CRYSTAL KINGDOM BY ELECTRIC ELEPHANT Crystal Kingdom is a 3125 ways to win slot designed and released by Electric Elephant. It’s a fantasy-themed game where the Royal Family of Spinmere have taken on a human form and are hiding a dark secret- a Dragon bloodline. It’s a slot game with cutting edge visuals, a robust collection of features and a compelling narrative adding to the ambience. Crystal Kingdom also has the groundbreaking Reel Unlock System and this high volatility slot is compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

Crystal Kingdom’s Symbols

The standard symbols are gemstone encrusted playing cards 9 to A, two different shields, a Queen, a Prince, Coat of Arms and the King. The Scatter is a set of crossed Blades, and they unlock features and act as Stake Multipliers.

Crystal Kingdom Slot Features

As previously mentioned, this slot features the innovative Reel Unlock system, and it moves from a 53135 reel layout to a complete 5×5 reel set giving players the chance of up to 3125 ways to win.

To reveal this, families secrets players need to land crystals on the reels, and it will display the curse, which is that this Royal Family are hungry flesh-eating dragons. There are also Sticky Wilds, Bonus Rotations.

Unlock Reels

This feature unlocks certain positions on the grid, and at the top of the regular reels, there is an additional row with three symbols displayed; they are a single and a double key and a gem. Should they fall in line with certain positions on the regular grid, players can expect the following prizes:

  • Two keys set out a more extensive layout and activate payouts both ways

  • A single key expands the grid and provides additional Multipliers

  • A gem oversees the mixed pays on the expanded grid.

The crystal Kingdom slot also has a Free Spins Round with five Bonus Spins, which can retrigger.

Top 5 Casino Wins

Top 5 Casino Wins Here Is The Top 5 Casino Wins From The History That Is Big Enough To Blow Your Mind!

As soon as you step into a casino, the first thing that hits your mind is the ambiance. It manages to attract you, give you the enthusiasm, and the next thing you know is that you’re playing too! At times people have big wins, and they’re quite happy to go home with them. But have you heard about massive wins? Well, that’s what you’re about to read now.

Some people have started with a few dollars and ended up straight at millions. They’ve changed their fortune within a night and have given their life a new status. Majorly all of these have occurred in The United States, hence the Vegas stories we hear might be true.

Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins From The Past

Archie Karras, $40 million, Las Vegas:

Before entering a casino in Las Vegas, Archie only had 50 dollars in his pocket. He entered the room and sat for gambling, only to know that he would be fortunate enough to win a whopping $40 million. But it isn’t as it sounds, since he first built his 50 to $10,000 that night, and then he went gambling ahead, winning the huge amount.

He is to this date one of the luckiest men in the world, but we guess it isn’t for everyone since Archie lost his entire wealth. But, if we see, he surely for once did flip his fortune and became a millionaire!
Kerry Packer, $20-40 million, Las Vegas:
Kerry was already a billionaire, and one night while he was at MGM Grand, he decided to give Blackjack and Baccarat a try. Well, his ‘just for fun’ trial made him win approximately $20-40 million. These are only the amounts that people were able to count, reportedly that night, Kerry has won an indefinite and huge amount.

He gave the staff huge tips and made everyone happy, though he lost his wealth again after going to other casinos ahead in the future.

Don Johnson, $15 million, Atlantic City:

That night, Don earned the title “The Killer Of The Atlantic City”. He went to the Caesar, Borgata, and Tropicana casinos, all in the very same night. People placed allegations that he won dubiously or unfairly, but indeed it was his smart strategies. He was smart enough to play and attain 15 million dollars in a night.

When it comes to Blackjack, he had an easy and smart approach that helped him either win big or lose big, but Don was able to win big always.

Beverly Whitten, $3.7 million, West Virginia:

There are barely any people who would go to West Virginia to gamble, but this retired teacher made a fortune out of it. Back in 2006, she decided to play on the slot machine ‘Golden Chambers’ for two hours and ended up drawing a huge amount. She then asked the casino to pay her in monthly installments of $1,945.

This way, she was not even going to lose her wealth, and guess who made her life very easy for future purposes.

Mike Ashley, $1.6 million, London:

For people out in Europe, London seems a good possibility, but for the others, it is not as feasible as it seems to be. The biggest casino win took place in 2008 when a billionaire stepped into the game. Mike Ashley, the owner of the Newcastle Football Club, played for only 15 minutes and won a whopping $1.6 million.

He only placed a bet on number 17, and he was determined to just play on that number. Luck was on his side and he made it big.

In Conclusion

Casinos are not only fun but can also open up your fortunes to another level. All these stories are an example that you can definitely make it big and your luck can too! Take a chance, invest small, and who knows you’d end up with a million dollars in your bank. It isn’t which casino you go to, it’s just your fate arriving when you expect it the least!

Card Counting

Card counting is a strategy principally used in the casino game blackjack. The system determines odds for player wins or house advantage. Card counting is a statistical tool effective in helping a player to keep track of density of cards over the course of a game of blackjack. Ideally, a higher density of high cards puts the player at a higher advantage for placing a higher bet. More low cards give the casino a high advantage. The beauty of card counting lies in the fact that you can alter bets depending on density of remaining cards as the game progresses.

System basics

The basic counting approach relies on a system of assigning a (-)ve, (+)ve, or (0) value to each card value available. Dealing a card of that value adjusts a card to its counting value. There are several card counting systems, ranging from very simple strategies that favour beginners to highly complex systems for experienced players. The most common among the level 1 (simple) is the Hi-Lo system, preferred for its accuracy. Other systems include the KISS, Knock out blackjack and the Red 7.
In the Hi-Lo system, all cards give a count of zero. A negative count means there are more low cards and the opposite is true for a positive count. The system subtracts 1 for each 10, King, Queen or Ace dealt and adds 1 for values between 2 and 6. Values between 7 and 9 are assigned zero and do not have an impact on the count. A high density of 10s and Aces is the player’s advantage as it implies a higher chance of smashing a natural blackjack with a 3:2 payout unless the house also has a blackjack.

The hi-lo approach is considered a basic system as the running count changes by a single predetermined value. Others like the Wong Halves and Zen count are multi-level counting mechanisms and are thus more accurate. Mid-level systems (level 2 and 3) like Omega II assign +2 and -2 values to cards and are considered more accurate than level 1 systems.
Your level of experience will determine which approach works to your advantage.

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